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Mar 23, 2017

Organizing Inventory Unearths Forgotten Treasures for Thrifty Thursday...

If you sell vintage or antique goods like I do - you know the
 challenge of keeping your inventory from becoming a mess.  
Today I focused on cleaning up some drawers of 'smalls' and
 unearthed some forgotten treasures...such as these blown glass cherries!
hand blown glass
Available here
To help organize the smallest smalls - I wanted a small tray or basket.  
I spied this basket that came with something from a yard sale 
last year - still wrapped and unopened...

It was covered in white paper and I didn't realize what was underneath.  
And look - it's a little gift set with cellophane, tissue paper and a 
metallic bow.  I'll keep those for another day - 
today I just need the basket for my drawer.

 Thrifty Tip #1 - It pays to focus again on your 'stuff'.  
You may have overlooked something!

So while working in my drawers I came upon these old 
Sunday School cards.  Love 'em & in the shop they went!
Bible Story Cards
Available here
  AND - (again I hadn't paid much attention when I originally
 brought them in the house) - this trade card was in the mix.  
It is signed or autographed by the company owner on the back!
trade card bible story

Some things in the drawer got pulled out and given a new photo shoot.

Thrifty Tip #2 - if you're a seller it pays to update your photos on occasion...
Available here

My drawers of smalls are full - but it's all very available...
Lastly -  I pulled out a few pretty things to use in my own 
home decor.

Thrifty Tip #3 - Decorate with your finds till they sell.  
Makes for 'free' home decor!
(If they're not in danger of being ruined that is.)
Gold Oval Frame Antique
Lady Photo available here & Baby Motto available here

I love playing with 'stuff'.   It's just plain fun for me.
What may you have in your stash that you've forgotten about?
Good chance you already own something you were thinking of buying.
Go make a discovery!   ~Joyce


Betsy said...

How fun! It's like shopping in your own home! Those cherries look so real.

Beca said...

I love playing with stuff too. So much vintage charm in those drawers. How can you stand it? :)
xx Beca


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