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Mar 16, 2017

Upcycled Boho Cottage Stool Project for Thrifty Thursday...

It's time...past time...
mint green stool

...to get in a little project.  This vintage stool was upcycled
 previously - but not by me.  When I found it - it was 
sponge painted (of sorts).  I wasn't loving it... but it sat for years
a long time till I got to it.  This week - I pulled out some 
mint green paint I had mixed and went to town...

It seemed the top needed something and I had a certain style paper
 in mind (which I didn't have).  But then I spied this tissue paper
 that I picked up while thrifting recently - for 5 or 10 cents a piece.

And that's the secret - pick up things you like when you see them
 and the price is very right.  You'll be SO glad you did...

A little distressing - some brown glaze and several coats of poly
 later - and she's all finished in her shabby cottage goodness.

She's in the shop if you'd  like to own her!  

Love, love completing a project.  
Hopefully I've inspired myself for the others I have started!


Tammy said...


Betsy said...

Very pretty. I would have never thought of the tissue paper trick! Wonderful idea!


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