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Mar 22, 2017

Spring Vignettes in Coral...

My thrift shop displays this week included a lot of coral.  Why?
  Because I started with this sweet blouse and then kept going.
I'm discovering that I'm liking a bit of boho flavor more and more...

The backside of the above grouping...

I didn't have as many coral options as I would have liked - 
so I went to gift bags.  I found the one sticking out of the 
aqua gift bag - but it was too big when opened up.  
So this 'peek-a-boo' effect was my solution to make it work...

You'll recognize the picture frame filler as being used in the 
vignette 2 pictures up.    I think 'filled' frames sell better!

And by the time I got to this display - I had almost no coral left.
  The 'shelf' is really a drawer organizer flipped on its side.

This mirror canister set was leftover from the previous week.
I attempted to make it 'spring-like' too.
   Sorry - I didn't have time to rephotograph - so there is flash-out.

Have you any coral in your wardrobe or home?  
Pull it out and enjoy!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

Lovely vignettes this week Joyce. I've been looking for a canister set like that for a while now. Sometimes I can find one for tea and then when I go back that one has sold but they have one for flour! Have a lovely day.
Blessings, Betsy

Beca said...

Love your vignettes. The store looks like a delightful place to shop. I enjoyed your post about the modest clothing store. Wish we had a store like that here. I enjoyed my visit here. You have a fun blog.
xx Beca


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