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Aug 2, 2012

Freezing Green Peppers....

I picked a few green peppers today and decided to quick freeze some.  
It is super easy to do and trust me - takes almost no 'hands-on' time.  

  Step 1 - Clean and chop the peppers.
Step 2.  Individually quick freeze them by laying 
the chopped pieces flat on a pan...
...and placing in the freezer for a few hours.  
Be sure it is just a single layer of peppers.
Step 3.  Scrape them off the pan with a metal spatula
 and bag them up loosely.  

Because they are IQF - it will be a breeze to get
the amount you need out for recipes.  They won't stick together!
Of course - I had to keep one pepper aside to enjoy for lunch.
Does anyone else like peppers and cream cheese?  Yum!!


Joy said...

Yum indeed!!! This makes a lot of sense. I had just been freezing them in halves. Thanks!

Paula S said...

What are tbecpeppers like when they are unthawed?


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