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Aug 4, 2012

Village Sales & 'Private' Garden Tour....

Sometimes unexpected good things just happen.
  Today was such a day.  I did the annual yard sales in a nearby village.  
This is a true village...along an old country road...lined with old homes.   
 I was having a good time snapping pictures of some of my favorites 
(homes that is)...

...when I came to this meticulous yellow house.  There I stood - taking a photo - 
when in from the yard sales and up the walk came the owners!  
Ahh - I was caught!  But talk about gracious...
...the owner asked me if I'd like to tour the porch and
 back garden - of his, get this, Sears & Roebuck house.
Ummm - (let me think)......Yes, Please!!!!
 We're talking real life here folks - nothing staged for a garden tour.  
And look how beautiful!  This was all the handiwork of the owner.  
Loved the elephant ears in containers... 
(why didn't I think of that instead of forgetting to dig mine up and now their gone...)
He found an old stove and keeps it on the patio as a
 food and drink station for guests.  
And the little light near the top of the stove?  
He has it wired to a timer to come on in the evening for added ambiance!!  
How clever is that?
 Check out his purple bathtub herb garden (he loves to cook too)...

That kitty was SO sweet - was actually the neighbor's & just visiting!
 ...and the outhouse he built (yep - he built!) to store firewood.
 The little picket fence is only a small section of much more used around the garden.  He got a whole bunch of pickets at an auction for a mere $7!  
(several states away too - he's dedicated to his craft!)
 In addition to several existing out buildings - he's building another shed.  
Love the cross shaped brick path he's working on.
  Well - actually - I loved it all!  Thank you neighbor!
The secret to all this beauty?  He waters his plants and flowers every day!  
Ev -er-y day!!!  
(And gives the ferns a little Miracle Grow once in a while.)  
Guess I know what I need to do from now on.

 I think I'll show you some of my great finds another day.

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