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Aug 11, 2012

Upcycled Window Project...

I had a few 'extra' hours today and decided it was time to hit the 'project' pile.  
(You know what I mean right?)  

Had this old window that I scooped up somewhere for $1 I think.  
It looked awful 'before' - full of dirt and grime - 
and it had only 1 pane of glass.
This is the reverse side - after a good cleaning
I got out the creamy white paint and went to town. 
I kept the 1 pane of glass intact for a picture frame... 

...and backed the other 2 with leftover chicken wire from 
our chicken yard.  As always - 'ya use what ya got'.
(Tools needed were a tin snips, staple gun & hammer.)
 All the rusty hardware is original to the window - 
I simply left it and gave it a coat of matte poly.
 Not bad for a quick afternoon project.
Lots of good ideas and projects at this party - go see!


fleurcottage said...

nicely done, girl! :)

Cozy Little House said...

Not bad at all! Very cute!


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