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Aug 14, 2012

Abandoned Fabrics...

Let's just say when a pretty fabric lands in my path - I do not detour!!  
(Just yesterday I found some gorgeous threads on a 'free pile' along the road.
  Good thing I picked it up yesterday - it rained cats and dogs today!)  
But I digress...

Sometime or other I came upon some gorgeous red toile.  
There wasn't much - so I used what there was. My plan was to 
make a little throw for the end of this bed at our summer cottage. 

But after using up all the toile in a patchwork combo 
- the throw was just not big enough.  
So I've got to come up with something else.
A project abandoned by someone else will come to my rescue.  
I found the blue toile and red ticking stitched together in a big bag 
of 'scraps' at a yard sale.   And there was lots of fabric in that bag folks!

Of course, it came home with me.  
Today - that red ticking will help me out...  
So a few snips & rips later...
...I cut me some patches from that wonderful ticking.
I'm thinking a border of ticking and homespun (also in my 'stash') 
will make this little throw an acceptable size.
Goodness I love fabric!
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1 comment:

Helen said...

I love fabric too! Just can't pass it up. Sometimes when I am at a yard sale and I see fabric in a box/bag, I will tell myself "back away from the fabric, back away from the fabric". I already have way more than I can use in my lifetime. It must be a sickness with me. I hate to see things go to waste.


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