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Aug 31, 2012

Relocating Vignettes...

When not in use - we keep our dining room table in it's 
smallest position and it serves as a nice 'foyer' table.
  I  keep a vignette of treasures on that table...mostly of 'goods' 
waiting to sell.  Tonight we had dinner guests and I needed 
to use my dining room table for - imagine this - dining!  
So what to do with all that stuff?
 I scooped it all up and moved it to my kitchen table.  Worked great - I didn't have to find storage for it...
... and it served as a nice greeting as my guests walked through the kitchen.  
(Someone brought me flowers - so out came a blue Ball jar.)

 This is the back of the vignette - nothing spactular -
 but didn't want to leave it empty since you can walk all around the table.
I wanted a Fall centerpiece for our dining table and my Fall decorations 
are still packed away.   So using what was in reach - 
I filled an old pan with some wooden clothespins, faux fruit 
and a candle in the center.  ...simple enough and took almost no time.
Do you ever play musical vignettes?

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