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Aug 1, 2012

Old Brooms...

Oh the stuff you can find at yard sales.  Stuff you didn't even 
know you needed until....'there it is'.  
Found me a couple of old brooms the other week.... 25 cents each!  
Did I need old brooms? 
 Yes I did!  'Cause I have nothing to sweep away
 outdoor messes that I make when I do stuff such as
replanting my spring plantings that whithered up in the heat.
 Geraniums are about $1 right now at my local Walmart.  
Should see me through the rest of the summer!
I'm glad someone saw fit to get rid of their old brooms.

1 comment:

Helen said...

I love old tools, worn out or not. They have their stories to tell. I may not know the stories, but they are still useful and will make more stories. Besides, they are just cute. There is nothing like the paint peeling off the handle, the worn sides of the broom where the bristles are gone, the nick in the metal of the screwdriver that makes you wonder where it has been. Well, enough of that, I can tell that you love them too.


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