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Apr 1, 2017

Boho Occasional Barn Sale Near Hershey, PA - Saturday Sightings...

Move over cottage, shabby chic, primitive, farmhouse and
 whatever other current style trend there has been lately.  
There's a new look in town... literally!
Today I (w/a sweet friend) did my first garage sale run of the season. (brrrr!!) 
One was advertised as a barn sale - so I made it my first stop.  
I knew the address well - it's a local landmark and the 
family homestead of friends of ours...

But one step inside that door and I was blown away.  
This was obviously not your average 'garage sale'!  Oh my...

This barn was stuffed to the rafters with displays so amazing 
I couldn't begin to take it all in...

I mean - let's put a gorgeous set of pink roses china in a pile 
of straw why don't we?  And throw in a rope while we're at it?  :)
(My favorite display of the day...)

An industrial desk was full of lab currations and more...

Furniture - yes they had furniture - 
very awesome and unique furniture...

See that chunky sea green beauty beside the flags?  

Lots of nifty art too. 

And though not shown here,  some pieces were huge.  
Enough to fill - well - a barn wall!
The property has lots of goats and chickens.  
 'Lambie' here was rejected by his mother and is being bottle fed.  
At 1 month old; he ran among the shoppers as the barn sale mascot.
You can be sure I gave him some love.  Here he's with his 
surrogate mother and shop owner... 
They plan to be open every 6 weeks or so and call themselves
 'BohemiAntiques'.  Did you catch that?  They're all about
  Bohemian style... just the look that's been catching my heart lately.
Boho has cropped up in this post and this post and this post and even way back in this post.

Look out Anthropologie... there are are few local gals giving you a
 run for your money - and MUCH, much more affordably.  
Be sure to check out their website right here for the address and 
any upcoming sale dates.

And yes, I found stuff... here and at another great stop. 
But this post is long enough - so keep checking the shop.   They'll be new listings this week.

This overflowing creek on the property was our view as we left...
What a great start to the season.  Thanks for joining me!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

Wow! That's a lot of fun stuff to see. I love the china in the straw. Very inventive. :-) I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog. Wow! You are so creative. Your blog is a treat to visit.

I just started a blog this week. I hope you get a chance to stop by and visit.




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