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Apr 27, 2017

Landscaping Find & Garden Things for Thrifty Thursday...

There was just one yard sale today & I found just one thing.  
But then - 
I noticed a sign:  'Free Flagstone some broken and some not'.   

That caused a little excitement - that stuff is expensive!   

I quickly said I'll come back for it and went home for the truck.  
On the way I called Honey.  Turns out he was less enamored with the idea... 
'It'll be more stuff to store in the garage' he said.   

 But there's a path through my garden that needs some help.  
Do you see it?   I pleaded by case...

He was fine with enough for the path.   I can live with that!
 And two kind men loaded what I wanted in my truck.  
(Not sure how I thought I was gonna load it - so was quite thankful!!!)  

I'm aware that 'stored projects in waiting' are not Honey's 
favorite thing - so must make haste on this project.
But I'm gonna need his help...poor guy.  The things he does for me!

On another thrifty garden note... I'm noticing I already have some food growing.  
Parsley - (did you know it comes back every year?)... So fun to have.

And rhubarb!  
We bought a plant at a yard sale and this year have enough to use.

Made my first batch of rhubarb strawberry jello.  Yum!

And after many rainy days and weekends - the sun came out today. 
 What a lift to the spirit!
Thanks for stopping by today friends!  ~Joyce


Ann said...

I think the flagstone will look great there!! I love the way the stone melts different shades.

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Thank you Ann! We'll see what happens and hopefully get working on it soon!

Betsy said...

The flagstone was a great find and will work wonderfully in your garden.


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