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Apr 28, 2017

Christmas Already? - In My Friday Finds...

I'm thinking I should really show you my finds from all week
 on these Friday Finds posts.  But today I'm sharing the collection
 that I literally found just today - this morning actually...

There is just one item that I'm keeping for me - can you spot it?

Yep - the soap!  It's actually in a Christmas gift box - but the 
soap itself is not Christmasy per se and smells wonderful - 
so I can use it anytime.  Price?  Just 50 cents!
Psst - it's Juniper Sage.. can you smell it?

Most holiday things for my Etsy shop are picked up through the year.  
So I'm well on my way to Christmas after this morning.  
This lovely cross-stitched tablecloth is in near perfect condition!

And the beading on this ornament is quite elaborate!

And did you notice the yellow plaid book?  It is a wonderful 
baking cookbook with photos and tutorials from the 30's.  
Did you know they had tutorials in the 30's? (wink)  Already in the shop here.
I was smitten with that cover... and surely hope someone else will be too!

But my favorite finds were these gift wrap sheets.  Such great graphics!  
There are even stickers and a matching greeting card.

 So all-in-all - not a massive haul.  But still fun.  
Fridays are always fun!   Enjoy!!  ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Such great finds! That tablecloth and ornament look lovely and the soap is wonderful for 50 cents!


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