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Apr 12, 2017

Our Simple Easter Dinner...

Our small family had our Easter dinner a few weeks ago.  
My starting point is often these sweet tulip dishes.  I purchased them 
to resell years ago - trusting the seller who told me they were in
 perfect condition.  Turns out they were not - so I kept them and
 have enjoyed using them for Spring events.

A quick stop at Dollar Tree yielded some faux wild flowers which I cut 
and divided into little bouquets.  I later added water to help the illusion...
quilted nest

The pink polka dot fabric is actually an old feedsack that has a lot
 of damage.  But folded this way - it looks complete and fine.
And gotta have candles; even if just a few votives on overturned sherberts.
Quilted Nest

And since lavender and pink seemed to be the colors.... this candle
 from my stash on a small pedestal will do.  I try to keep
 centerpieces low.  If too high - table conversation is awkward.  
It's no fun to dodge table decor to see who you're talking to.
feed sack table runner/ quilted nest
I trust this coming Easter Sunday will be a special day for you.  
In the life of the Believer - it is everything!  Without the
 resurrection of Jesus - there would be no hope for an eternity with Him.  
If you've not abandoned your life to live His way- this week 
would be a good time to do so.  Would love to have you in the Family!  


Betsy said...

You have such sweet table decorations Joyce. Beautiful! We won't be doing anything special for lunch on Sunday as we have no family here. But the morning will be spent in church celebrating the resurrection of our wonderful Savior! Without the reason we're celebrating this day we would have no hope at all. Thank you for the last paragraph of your blog. You're right, all would be welcome to join this wonderful family.
Blessings always,

Beca said...

I think it's just us for Easter Sunday but I'll cook something a little special anyway. I am a crocheter and the tablecloth on your table caught my eye. It looks handmade. Happy Easter!
xx Beca


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