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Apr 6, 2017

Serving Others for Thrifty Thursday...

Lately - I have been feeling like way too much of my life is 
centered around 'me' with not nearly enough 'ministry' happening.  
What is ministry?  'Serving others in the name of Jesus' (my definition).  
Most folks do this through their church.  But I've been asking the Lord 
how I can serve Him more in my everyday life; from right here at home.  
centerpiece/ feedsack fabric runner/ Quilted Nest
 Turns out if you ask God such a question - you can expect an answer!  

My week began with an early little family Easter dinner.  
 We had ham - with plenty of leftovers.  Sometimes I send some
 home with my daughter.  But this time I had other plans.   
I became aware of a neighbor & friend whose child is in the hospital.  
I offered a casserole.  An egg dish is kid & budget friendly.  

I had some white chocolate chips on hand from a 'sale' find - so
 used them to make brownies.  Some for my neighbor and some for
 a lady at church who is not on her feet right now.  More ham went
 into a double batch of ham & bean soup for the lady at church.  
(My alterations: I cut chicken broth in half and didn't use a turnip or cumin)

My dear sister is on activity restrictions right now from a recent surgery. 
 I only had about an hour 1 day - but she lives fairly close.  
A quick store run met a 'grocery list' need for her and of course 
we had a sweet visit when I delivered it.

And now I wonder what next week will hold?
Ministry opps are all around us... but we need to invest some time -
 and yes, some money.
But God is good!  If we're willing to serve - He provides.  
I couldn't believe the way the ideas came to me when I needed them.

I'd love to hear how you 'minister' out of your home.  ~Joyce


Beca said...

I made one hospital visit today. Someone special in our church had surgery yesterday. When they go home in a couple of days they'll need meals so I'll get in on that too. I think it's so wonderful that you have a sincere desire to reach out to others. I'm sure you're generosity and thoughtfulness are an encouragement to those around you.
xx Beca

Betsy said...

How wonderful! I love to hear things like this. What a generous heart you have. I do th texting and emailing for the prayer chain for our church and I also organize the meals for people who have been ill, hospitalized or have a death in the family. I do lots of crochet and knitting for charity and send LOTS of cards. It's amazing how much a little card will cheer someone up. We need more givers in this world. Thank you for what you do Joyce.


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