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Jan 22, 2013

Cutest Small Town...

Our nearby Lititz, PA is in the running for Coolest Small Town.  
You can check out the candidates here.  Let me tell you - 
Lititz should win hands down!!  
It's where we locals head for a day out and it's in the
heart of  Lancaster County - a true vacationer's delight.

Lititz is also home to several thrift and consignment shops -  
(the video didn't mention them - what were they thinking?)  
I actually blogged about Lititz in a previous post.

And did I mention the amazing chocolate at Wilbur's Chocolate?  
With free samples for everyone who stops in folks!  

from the video above
 If you come visit - give me a shout! 

1 comment:

Deedy said...

Oh my...I choose this awesome town, and have never even been! Many years back, my husband received Christmas gift baskets, and one of the special treats were
Wilber Buds...hands down, the best chocolate ever. One year, after finding the source, we bought a 5# box and 'gifted' others. Good call! and Yummmmmm. D.


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