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Jan 12, 2013

10 Frugal Kitchen Tips...

As I was preparing a bit of food today - I thought about 
all the little things I do that fall into the 'frugal' category.   
So let me share some of my 'tips' that were part of
 today's routine as I was making Rice Lasagna...

1.  Shop discount grocery stores - if you're not shopping at these - you're missing out!  We have several in our area - some chains and some privately owned.  (Do a web search!)  My most recent great bargain find was 8 oz. shredded colby jack cheese - 2/$1!  It was the day the truck came (try to find out when that is!) - so they were moving out the old inventory to make way for the new. 

2.  Make frugal recipes.  Regular lasagna is wonderful - but we eat gluten free.  Gluten free pasta is expensive.  Rice is not!  And rice lasagna is delicious.

3.  Use less hamburger (meat) -  I almost always use less than the amount of meat called for.  My habit is to buy hamburger in bulk amounts.  Once at home - I package it into 3/4 lb. portions - placing each portion into a sandwich bags.  I place those bags into a larger ziplock bag and put it in the freezer.  

4.  Shred your own cheese - I buy whole 1 lb. blocks and shred it with my Kitchen Aid shredder attachment.  I measure 1 c. per bag and freeze it the same way I do the hamburger.   Again - you can often use less than a recipe calls for.

5.  Use a warm surface for thawing.  To thaw my frozen mozzarella cheese - I simply sat it in the microwave which was still warm from making my rice.  

6.  Reuse containers - (see the Temp Tee cream cheese container above.)  

7.  Buy larger cans of food when on special.  When it's time to open them - freeze what you don't use into smaller portions.  (that would be my refried beans in the Temp Tee container above.)

8.  Bake several things in the oven at 1 time.  Today I baked some refried bean dip (for weekend snacking)  at the same time my lasagna was baking.

yes, my oven needs cleaned!
 9.  Shop thrift shops and yard sales for kitchen gadgets, dishes, etc.  I paid only $2 or $3 for my 9X13 glass dish!  In fact - I can't remember the last time I paid full price for anything for my kitchen from a 'regular' store.  It's amazing what people get rid of.

10.  Make your own hot pads.  When my daughter was little - she had a pot holder maker (the kind with the loops) and made a bunch of them.  I still use them!

There ya go - 10 thrifty ideas!


michelle said...

Hi Joyce! Thank you so much for your prayers, it means the world to me. I hope you are doing well and had a wonderful Christmas and may many many blessings come your way in this new year my friend.
Hugs and love,

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Great ideas...we do a lot of them. I have a hard time freezing every little thing because I end up losing track of it in the freezer and they go bad, with a freezer burn taste. So, I just try to use it up that week.


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