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Jun 18, 2012

What's For Supper & More...

Don't you love it when you open your Pinterest feed
 and suddenly you have supper?  Today I spotted
 Quesadilla Casserole - and balla bing - just like that -
 it is waiting in my crockpot!
 I followed the recipe in the link with these
('cause being thrifty is all about using what you have)
 My tortillas are corn (for gluten free)
 tomato sauce is my own frozen tomato juice
 beans are frozen pinto that I cooked from dried & froze
cheese is American
Do you think it will even taste the same?  
Doesn't matter - it will still be good!
Oh - and the recipe uses green chilis which I stocked up on months ago 
when I found them 3/$100.
 'Twas a fast supper to put together - good thing
 since I've got other projects calling my name today!
 A scene from yesterday - My Love on his bike.  
We took a beautiful Father's Day cycle ride 
with perfect weather! 

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