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Jun 6, 2012

Tomato Garden In A Wagon Update...

So - remember my post of my too-rustic wagon
tomato garden?  I had some wonderful ideas from you
 - thank you!  What I resorted to was painting the tires and wheels to brighten it a bit.
 Then I gave everything a coat of poly.  Love how the
 rusted handle turned out with that coat of poly!  
It's outside and it will weather on it's on.  I just 
felt it needed a little 'pop' of color to start with to
 blend with our property better.
 This is the 'before' 
(for the 'original' - see the post link above.)
Sometimes we just have to keep trying...


Holly said...

I love the tomatoe planter in the wagon. Sweet.

DogsMom said...

Great way to use the wagon and even to move plants from sun to shade easily.


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