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Jun 2, 2012

Garden Tour...

I started my day by hanging out with fellow blogger
 Esther of Fleur Cottage.  Her home was on a garden
 tour and she invited me to keep her company.  
What an honor!  
 This gazebo sits near the back corner of her yard 
and was one of her garden highlights.  For the tour -
 she had it decorated with this sweet Victorian bed
 which she outfitted with a shutter headboard.
 Sweet huh?
 Have a closer look at the bed tray.
(She won the book from a blog giveaway!)
 What appears to be a fountain - is really just two
bird baths stacked atop each other.  
And yes - the birds used them - what fun!
 One of her many flower beds.  That lovely variegated
 grass looking plant is actually an iris!
I'll share more photos in future posts - 
the inside is just as lovely.  Thank you sweet
 Esther!  Your ideas and creativity are endless!

1 comment:

fleurcottage said...

oh my! :) it was wonderful to spend several hours with you! Esther


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