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Jun 1, 2012

Wagon Project...

Not all projects turn out as hoped.  
Take for instance my rustic vintage wooden 
wagon with great original lettering!
I felt it was a bit too rustic for our little cottage
 house.  So - I grabbed my trusty outdoor red paint
 that matches our other trim work and went to town.
Arrgh - I almost hate it!  I should have put a 
clear wax or poly finish on the plain wood and 
made that lettering 'pop'.  Now I'm left with boring
 red and wheels that need help to 'fit in'.  
It serves the purpose I had intended - 
a movable garden for my tomato plants.  
I can live with it I guess...
(till time & a 'fix it' idea come my way - feel free to help with the idea part)
Do you ever envision 'wrong' with your projects?
Linking to Saturday Night Special at FJI


lynn said...

i love your little wagon--wish i could find something like it:) maybe, you could distress the red--sand it a bit, and apply a stain, to match the cool patina of the wheels? whatever you do, its still awesome:)

Deedy said...

yes, distress it a bit by sanding parts and edges of the red, to give the 'weathering' a jump start. Perhaps a dull, 50's ish green(you know what I mean) for the metal part of the wheels, followed by selective sanding, too. How bout some burlap in the bed of the wagon, frayed and hanging out a bit? Love the TravelingTomatoeShow!!

Deedy said...

oh, with the red&green you could bring it on the porch for December...

DogsMom said...

I could not get here from the FJI link but I was determined to see your great wagon.

MOST of my projects do not turn out as envisioned.


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