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Jun 5, 2012

Storing Inventory...

Those of us that sell vintage and antique goods
 sometimes find ourselves in a predicament of 
'too much stuff'.  Can anyone relate?  Currently my
 sales are not keeping up with my 'finds'.  
Something had to be done and I wasn't 
 ready to pack it all up and donate it to my nearest
 thrift shop.  My solution? Incorporate some of these
 goods into my home decor till it sells!  
Submit solution #1 - Dining Room Table
I could create vignettes all day long - I love it.
It's always amazing to me how objects are able
 to blend together.

  In this case there is a similar 'kitchen' type theme
 among the items...
 Color is also unifying.  Here I've used light greens,
 some dark reds and pops of cobalt blue.
The natural elements (wood, raffia, wicker) are 
also in the same tan color scheme...
 My inventory shelves can breathe a little easier...
and my spirits are happier!  
Solutions #2 & 3 - ongoing...
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Liz - Imageremix said...

Great idea. We should be using all that stuff and enjoying it. Maybe you could decorate the place up with all the stuff and invite folks over for a vintage sales party. Then when they ooh and ahh, the pieces will be available for sale and you could make something of it all. Kind of like a tupperware party or a Pampered Chef party only they won't have to order things. They'll just buy them from your sweet inventory. You never know!

Jonell said...

People like us have soooooooo much fun dontcha think?? My solution for too much wondrful stuff [not wanting clutter] is to store the "overflow" in the attic..then seasonally choose things to work into the decor temporarily..


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