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Jun 20, 2012

Store Displays...

I played with dress rack displays at 'my' 
thrift shop today.   
These racks are free standing and can be viewed from all sides.  
 I'm just showing you the main front side that the customers see when 
they walk in the front door.  

My favorite today was this one with the old
 baseballs.  Found those little rackets on the store
 shelf (don't know what they are) and added them 
to the mix.
 As always - I work with what I can find on the store shelves.  Loved these straw totes and added some beach themed books.  There are a few pillows
and a beach towel too - why not?
 We get a fair amount of apple themed items donated.  While not my favorite - they always go together quick, display well and sell!
What did you do today?
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