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May 20, 2017

Time In a Cemetery - Saturday Sightings...

The passage of time - we're all caught in it.  But today - 
time stopped for a bit as we said good-bye to a beloved aunt.  
The sweet service was held in the church of my childhood...

With a cemetery just a short walk up the hill away...

Out of 17 siblings - about half remain.  Most of these were 
present today to honor her.  It was a time of precious memories.
  She lived life to the full... enjoying crafting, laughing, and people.
We know that her soul's been carried to heaven - 
but today we committed her body to the earth

 My uncle (in the hat) was perhaps the brother dearest to her.  
He has cared for her in countless ways over these last years.  
I love how my cousin is keeping an eye of care on him during this sacred moment..

There is much to reflect on in a cemetery.  
One day these bodies will rise again upon Christ's return. 

Before leaving - a final stop to the grave of my parents.

I ached for them to be there today...  So much I wanted to say.
But when I see them again - much of that won't matter as 
we'll be in the presence of Jesus and in the glory of heaven.   

My friends - please make sure you are ready to join us there.  
In addition to knowing Jesus - we must also be following Him - 
in full surrender - to His will and Word.
I promise any sacrifice will be more than worth it.  ~Joyce


BumbleBeeLane said...

So sorry for you loss. Beautiful message at the end. I have a Aunt who is so kind and was always such a blessing for me you've reminded me to let her know how I love her. Prayers for comfort sent your way.~Amy

Betsy said...

Joyce this was a beautiful tribute to your loving family and your message at the end was wonderful too. Indeed, once we are in Jesus' presence, all else will fade away. Praying for you.


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