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May 11, 2017

Keep or Throw Away? - Thrifty Thursday...

It's a dilemma we all face - stuff, stuff and more stuff.  
Right now the trend seems to be 'get rid of it'....'downsize'..... 'purge'...   
These are great goals and plans.   We certainly can't keep everything!
  Or we'd all have to tear down our barns and build bigger ones. 
And the Bible has something to say about that.  (see Luke 12:13-21)

On the other hand - sometimes keeping something 
(or part of something) in lieu of tossing is not a bad idea.

Take my Valentine wreath... It is quite faded after a several year
 holiday run on my front door.   I decided to pitch it.

But then I wondered if underneath all that glitz was something I could use.  
And sure enough - a nice form for my own DIY wreath come next year.

Now - will I actually use it?  I guess that remains to be seen.  
But for now - I'm keeping it with my holiday supplies.  And I'll write 
in my planner to 'work on heart wreath' sometime in January.  

A final thought:  Many say 'if you haven't used it in a year - get rid of it'.  
In my world tho - there are many things that go several years till I use/wear them again.  
I'd be beyond frustrated if I tossed everything after 1 year.
Holding onto a few things has proven to be economical more than once.
But certainly - I've also done my share of 'tossing'.  
Just use discernment and be willing to ask for wisdom from Above. 
Then follow the leading you receive.

Hubbies may have thoughts too!  (sigh...)  ~Joyce

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Betsy said...

I have been getting rid of things like crazy lately. And we're preparing to have a huge garage sale next Saturday. Anything that doesn't sell will go to the Goodwill. We're planning to downsize from a four bedroom, three bath house in the next 3 to 4 years to a two bedroom, one bath apartment or mobile home. That means a lot must go. I'm finding it very hard to get rid of sentimental items the most. But I's rather our kid she didn't have to deal with it all someday.


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