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May 19, 2017

All For $6.35 - Friday Finds...

After weeks of rainy and cold yard sales - this morning was like
 full blown summer!  I traveled 27 miles round trip and didn't feel I was 
finding much.  But back at home - looking at it all again - I did just fine.

The tin crown mold has a great look.  
But my super -thrifty 'me' find was this lot of hotel lotions.  
I like these little samples to keep in my purse.  The whole pile was ten cents!  
(And I rechecked with the lady - yep!... She just wanted rid of them.)

An overview of my finds - yes all for $6.35 - including that 
soooo soft pink blanket underneath...

Have you priced Flea Market Style Magazine?  I love it - but oh my - 
might as well buy a book!  Two magazines and a book for $1.   
And that double handled rolling pin - turns out that was a good find!

Found a few Holiday things to tuck away.  
The Claus couple are Japan salt & pepper shakers.  
The box of new gift tags will probably go into my gift drawer.

Sweet crocheted hankies.  
Not sure if I'll sell them or send them along as gifts with an Etsy order.

And not exciting to look at - some new lights at just 50 cents each.
 There is a little clip light (sometimes I find myself needing one)
 and a very small string of twinkle lights.

Because there are times I use small strings - such as here...
I stopped at many, many sales where I bought nothing...  
But if it were too easy - that wouldn't be good either.

Next weekend I'm having a sale of my own.  
If you're in our area - stay tuned for more info!   ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Too bad you're not in our area we have some great things that are for sale today. Lots of traffic this morning but it has slowed down this afternoon. Most of the big stuff sold but, the little things like you like to buy are still on the table. :-)


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