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May 18, 2017

A Money Saving Oven Tip - Thrifty Thursday...

My thrifty tip for this week?  Get a toaster oven!

And for the best bang for your buck - get one from a thrift shop or a yard sale. 
 They are not hard to find.  We found ours in 'like new' 
condition at a yard sale for $3!  And it's sizable!

 Toaster ovens are great for heating up slices of pizza, leftovers,
 baking fries, etc.  Tastes much better than reheating in a microwave.  
And its more economical to heat up this small oven than a full size oven.  
Rolls of biscuits?  In the toaster oven they can go!

Storage is often a concern - so here are a few ideas...  

1. Kitchen island shelf (ours is on our Stenstorp island from IKEA)
2. Nearby pantry or closet shelf
3. Basement step shelf
4. In your regular oven
5. On your counter top 
6. In a kitchen cabinet (not my favorite - found it cumbersome to get out)
kitchen ideas; quilted nest

Certainly - if you find you dislike 'getting it out' - you won't use it. 
 So get creative.  These can be cute right on your kitchen counter - 
just place a pretty doily and faux herb on top and you're good to go.

I'm not one for kitchen appliances.  I have as few as I can get away with.  
But I do like my little oven! 
Would love to hear if you use one and where you store it.  
Stay Thrifty!  ~Joyce
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Betsy said...

We have a toaster oven that I bought to use at the lake in the summer. I don't like to turn on the propane oven inside the trailer because it gets so hot and it's just hard to turn on and off and light the pilot light. In the fall I bring it back home and I keep it on the kitchen counter where stay's all winter long. As you say, it's the perfect way of heating things up, especially when there's only two people at home. When the kids were home it would' have been way too small. I like your island!
Blessings , Betsy

D said...

Toaster ovens are awesome,I also buy my small appliances at the thrift shop...practically free. Think they are often unwanted gifts.
Summer is perfect weather for a little oven. I make cookie dough rolls for the freezer & slice off a few at a time and bake in a preheated toaster oven. Yum! Deedy

Regina said...

We have a toaster oven that I just love. We keep it on the counter. Our toaster oven wouldn't be safe stored in our oven. I always turn the oven on without checking to see if something is inside. I melted a Pyrex lid that was on a brownie dish😮


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