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May 6, 2017

4 Vignettes...

For my Saturday Sightings - I'm cheating a bit from my usual and
 sharing some vignettes that I worked on today.  These are all 
on top of dress racks at the thrift shop where I volunteer.

My challenge for this first one was the tall bouquet that was already in the space.   I lieu of many decor things that worked - 
I brought in books... we always have plenty of those.  
The scarf in pastels really helped tie things together...

Challenge #2 was the large tin biscuit box on its side in the back.  
I found it 'displayed' on the floor in another room.  I like to keep
 things off the floor if I can - so I scooped it up.   
I love this grouping - my fav of the day...

Challenge #3:  After about 3 weeks - that tall iron candle holder is still here.  
I decided to keep it in a dress rack grouping and surely hope it 
sells this week as the options to go with it are getting slim.  

And lastly - there was one more large biscuit tin to use.   
This one has a whole different color scheme; not very 'springy' but still neat!

I worked on many more small groupings... but these photographed the best.
  I often feel I don't do much for the Lord - but this little weekly
decorating helps sell goods that benefit those in need overseas. 
I'm most thankful for the opportunity!  ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

I like all of your displays today Joyce. I'm sure that the store appreciates all of the hard work you put into making things so pretty. And God surely appreciates it. He knows your heart.
Blessings, Betsy


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