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May 30, 2017

This Selling Thing - a Circle of Blessing...

I am feeling wonderfully blessed.  My weekend was full of this...

...lots of wares-selling at our sweet summer cottage during 
the community's annual porch sales.

Yard sales (or porch sales in this case) are LOTS of work.  Even more so 
when you're trying to keep track of inventory to keep Uncle Sam happy.  
But a day of meeting wonderful folks and getting tired merchandise
 off my hands is so worth it and a favorite event of mine.  
It was a delightful day!  

And now its back to the real world - with lots of this... 
Orders are headed out today from the Etsy shop. 
 Selling online can be lots of work too.  But wrapping all of the
 parcels is a favorite part of the process for me.  

Thanks to each of you who came out in person on Saturday and who are 
buying treasures online from Etsy.  You bless me!  Know that I 
take seriously the responsibility to in turn bless others.  
What a privilege.  ~Joyce


Connie said...

Your porch sales looked like so much fun . . . wish I would have been there. Oh, and your little wrapped bundles look perfect.
Have a delightful day!
Connie :)

Betsy said...

What fun! After my garage sale, I know of a little of the work involved and it IS exhausting. I'm glad it was successful for you. Your little packages are so cute. I can imagine the excitement the recipient feels when they arrive in the mail.

Cheryl said...

Is this your house? It is SO pretty! I love the quaintness of it. And, I love the way you wrapped your little packages!


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