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Dec 28, 2015

Christmas Trimmings...

 As I was cleaning up from our family Christmas gift giving - 
I was struck by the beauty of the now 'used' trimmings...

The ribbons and papers were handled with love to adorn a gift
 given as a token of love.  How could I just quickly toss them in the trash?

This sweet wire flower adorned a gift for me from my daughter.
  She didn't even call my attention to it.  But you can be sure I noticed.  
She made it with 'some wire she had laying around'.   
And it doesn't seem she had any intention that I'd keep it.
But keep it I surely will!

And while I did my share of tossing - I also did my share of salvaging.   
I can never toss out pretty ribbon and this sheer red is a beauty.  
And gold snowflake tissue paper?  Gotta keep some of that too...

Sorry if this all makes me sound cheap.  But oh how I love trimmings.
Do you recycle gift wrap?  Gift bags?  Ribbons?  Bows?  
I have my very own trimmings stash-heaven!
Merry Christmas to me all over again...   ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Yes I do reuse gift bags and ribbons. Why not? They're still useful and beautiful. That wire flower is beautiful...I would keep it too!


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