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May 31, 2015

A Day In NYC...

This weekend we celebrated another year of marriage 
with a day trip via train to New York City.  
We had a few short hours and did all of our sightseeing on foot.   

 Our favorite was walking the High Line - an abandoned 
elevated railway that has been converted to a garden path/park.  
This was our first sighting as we approached...

...and a scene from on the High Line itself.

We enjoyed lunch at a sidewalk diner.  
Sadly this is the only picture of the 2 of us...

We saw some wonderful old buildings. This one was massive 
and had ornate detailing over every inch of it.

I was struck by the graphic coloring and aging of this building...

It was fun to look 'up' to see what we could see. 
 Loved the roof top and balcony gardens...

We hiked to Central Park where we heard 'there's always something going on'.  
We came upon a skate dance group enjoying the afternoon. 

But my personal favorite - was coming upon this 'pop up' 
gluten free bakery shop.  You can be sure I treated myself!

Good-bye fair city.  We hope to visit again yet this year.  
Tip - Amtrak has a buy 1 get 1 40% off deal going on thru Dec. for PA trips.
But next time - I think we'll be using the subway to get around.  
I am sore in places I've never been sore before in my life!
And may I also say - I'm so thankful to the Lord for these 29 years. 
I would have never imagined all the twists and turns.
But 'together' is still an awesome way to do life.  And I love my man!  ~Joyce


Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Congrats and what a fun day trip! I haven't been to NYC in years! Thr garden path was really neat. Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Congratulations on your anniversary.
New York looks exciting and fun.
It is always good to get a break in routine.
It sounds like a short trip. Maybe next time you can see a little more.

Betsy said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like a wonderful trip. I've never visited NYC and would love to sometimes. I had heard of the high line and have always wanted to visit there. Nice that something was made of it and it didn't just sit and decay.


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