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May 13, 2015

Dress Rack Displays...

Every week I do 5 displays on top of dress racks at our local thrift shop.  
I use whatever I can find in the store that is not already 
in a nice display.  We're getting such a good team of decorators 
that it's getting harder to find available goods.  
But here are a few I put together from 2 weeks ago...

I use books with pretty spines fairly often - 
sometimes as risers - sometimes as a main ingredient.  
I think books and coffee go together well (above display).  
But when I returned the following week - the entire display was still intact!  
I left it together for a 2nd week - we'll see.

The pillow below also hadn't sold when I returned.
  But I expected that.  It is 'dated'.  The perfume bottle also was unsold.  
I reused it in a new display and can't wait to see if someone scooped it up.

The display below I knew would be a tough sell.  
The only things that sold were the fruit plaque, glass jar and top box.  
I think the embroidery floss is neat looking - 
but apparently no one shares my view.
But regardless - the displays gets people looking and
 thinking and I have great fun doing them.

Enjoy what you do today & rejoice in your abilities!   ~Joyce


Betsy said...

You are so imaginative Joyce. I confess, I usually just end up copying someone else's ideas.

Simply Shelley said...

I used to work at goodwill,doing displays was a favorite of mine. Seems like just moving something made it sell. Your displays are lovely. Have a great weekend. Blessings to you Joyce


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