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May 29, 2015

Glass That Sells...

I'm not a big fan of glass and rarely pick it up for reselling.  
But - during a recent haul - I did pick up a few pieces.   
Apparently this mint or jadeite green is a hit - these have both sold!

I also sold the gold beaded purse but have yet to list any 
of that wonderful silver or the pharmacy bottles.
 This whole antiquing thing is so fun.  
But I realize it's all just 'stuff' and not necessary to life.  
Yet with so much that is wrong and difficult in this world - 
sometimes a small thing here or there can bring a bit of cheer to the heart.  
So 'fun' is good - and these things are ours to enjoy.
  But let's hold them with a loose hand and not allow them to fill our hearts.
  Rather - let's allow our hearts be filled with the love of Jesus 
and seek after Him and His ways!

Enjoy all that this day has in store for you!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

Amen Joyce! I love pretty things, and old things the best. But nothing could ever compare to the love I have for Jesus!

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Yes, love the description of a loose hand. Good perspective!


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