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May 5, 2015

From a Fledgling Toy Maker...

There's much about 'vintage' goods that appeal... 
the graphics, detailing, quality... 

 Plus - let's face it - for many of us they invoke memories or 
thoughts of precious loved ones from another era.
  But another aspect of 'vintage' that grabs our hearts
 is the mystery of their history.  (Did I just say that?)
  Who owned them?  How did they use them?  Who made them?  
When?  Are they still in business?...and on and on...

Recently I found this little child's toy dust pan.  Cute huh?  
It's by Wyandotte Toys - from Downriver, MI.

As cute as this toy is - the company had it's difficulties.  
At one point they made a certain gun toy that was
 considered inferior in quality by the general public.
But they sealed a deal on the toy anyway with a new company.  
Interestingly when the deal was finished - the new company 
picked up the equipment, etc. to make the toy and
 then dumped everything into the Detroit River!
   They made the deal just to end any possible competition
with no intentions of manufacturing a possibly inferior toy.  

Made me feel sad for Wyandotte.  They did go on to manufacture 
some very nice toys - but sadly ended in bankruptcy.

As for this sweet little tin pan - was the rose decal
 part of the original product  or added by the buyer?
It's hard to know.  None of my image sources show anything quite like it.

And that's all part of the allure...the 'mystery of history'.

This pan is available in my Etsy shop.
For sure - I'll be keeping my eyes open for more Wyandotte Toys.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Such a sweet little piece! I'm so curious whether it came with the rose or not!

Betsy said...

Cute little dustpan but a sad story about the manufacturer.

Mayje said...

That is really cute! Dropping by from Let's Talk Vintage blog party. Have a nice day!


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