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May 20, 2015

Findings...New Listings...Elegance...

As promised - this is a glimpse of the goods I purchased on 
Saturday - the day I had me some kitten love.

There was so much at the one stand I was overwhelmed!  
I could have gotten way more - but I controlled myself.  
The seller just wanted rid of the stuff and was selling at rock bottom prices.  
I told him I sell - but it didn't make a difference.  
Still he offered great prices... super great.

As I was picking out some silverware pieces - 
he told me 'just take the whole drawer'... so I did!

The purses were 'bagged' at another sale.  
They are available here and here.
That is only a small portion of the brown pharmacy bottles I found. 
 I think I bought 18 of them!  

I've begun the listing process of these treasures.
Many will end up in my Etsy shop or on eBay.   Check out the shops here and here.


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Ooh, I love the alabaster lamp!!

Betsy said...

I have teapot love! You got some beautiful things there. What a great job.

Tammy said...

Love the silver!

Simply Shelley said...

Such great finds. I love the beautiful tea pot. Blessings ♡


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