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Jun 8, 2015

An Amish Garden...

During a girlfriend road trip over the weekend - we stopped at an Amish store.  
Someone happened to glance out a window at the 
back of the store and look what we discovered...

Were you expecting a vegetable garden?   Nope - it was this 
meandering flower garden tucked in the back yard.
   All that beauty and it was not a bit visible from the road.  
No, I don't think they hid it on purpose.  It's probably just where they had room to put it.  
I helped myself and walked around the back of the store to take some pictures. 

They had some amazing hostas too.

And across the road was this lovely old school or church building.
Oh I love road trips!


Betsy said...

How pretty! And no weeds in sight.(at least that I could see!). I have been told that flower gardens are one of the few ways that an Amish woman can use her creativity in making something beautiful in an approved way. I don't know if that's true or not, just repeating what I was told. Whoever created this garden did a wonderful job. Thank you for sharing.

Linda said...

I love everything Amish. I would never expect to see something like that, so modern styled. It is beautiful.
Did you get any pictures inside?
Thanks for sharing!


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