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Jun 19, 2015

An Unexpected Reason to Thrift Shop...

It is no secret that I love to shop at thrift shops, yard sales and the like.   
I thought it was because...

1.  I save tons of money

2.  Inventory spans several decades making for unique purchases

3.  Home decor can be much more interesting and less cookie-cutter

4.  It's fun

5.  I don't have to wait for 'sales'

6.  There are no mall crowds, etc.

But - I discovered I have a new reason.  
Recently I picked up a super-cute pair of shoes.  
I knew I wouldn't wear them often - but couldn't wait till I did!  
(Translation: had them 2 weeks but hadn't worn them yet!)

My new reason to shop at thrift shops?  
So that when the dog tries out my shoes before I do - 
I don't have a meltdown cause they only cost $3. 

Okay - I am bummed... really bummed... they were so cute!  
But I'm pretty happy with myself that I simply tossed the shoes
 in the trash and gave the dog a swift escort to the back yard.

Maybe this weekend I'll come across another sweet pair...

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