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Jun 20, 2015

Saturday Sightings - An Albino What?....

 In my travels today... this was sitting on a yard sale table...

Yep - it's all stuffed and mounted.... Yep - it's albino.
  Any guesses?

They told me it was a small ground hog!  I realize you can't 
tell scale from the photo - but it was about 15" long.
  It wasn't as 'chubby' as I usually see them.

I didn't even want to go near it!  
That's enough wild life for me for one day.
Any interesting sightings in your Saturday? ~Joyce


Regina said...

Oh that thing looks scary! I have never heard of such a creature before. It can definitely stay where it is!

As far as interesting sights, the sight I saw was rather sad I suppose. I had to go to the ER because I had ear pain. Across the hall from me was a man named Emmett stuck in the sin of alcoholism. Unfortunately because of the way this ER is set up, everyone near you knows your business as the "rooms" are separated by curtains only. That's why I knew what he was there for.

Apparently he was passed out somewhere and someone brought him in. The nurses was trying to get him to eat something and to drink water to sober him up. He kept saying he wanted booze. He refused to give information for someone to call to pick him up. He was given the choice of having someone pick him up or go to jail. I wanted to go over and yell at him because I was a little cranky because of my ear pain plus he was taking the nurses away from patients who really wanted care. I decided instead to pray for him and that he would be set free from alcoholism.

There also was a woman there who was brought in by a friend also stuck in the sin of alcoholism. I never saw her, but her friend was in the hallway talking with the doctor who was treating me. He was trying to explain to her about alcoholics and they just happened to be standing outside of Emmett's room. Hopefully he heard enough to want to get help.

After the doctor was do treating my ear, which turned out to be be an ear infection and dried ear wax, I noticed Emmett was drinking his water as I was leaving. Hopefully he will get the help he needs. He needs the Lord above all else.
So that's the extent of my sightings today.

Regina said...

Correction to my comment. That above sentence should say "After the doctor was done treating my ear,which turnex out to be an ear infection and dried ear wax.

Betsy said...

Oh ICK! I think I would have turned around and walked away. Who in the world would want that stuffed "thing". I am terrified of rodents. Not too much interesting in my life right now and that's the way I like it considering it took me two days to fly home last week. Cancelled flight after cancelled flight after cancelled flight. Not kidding or exaggerating at all.


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