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Jun 10, 2015

10 Ways to Enjoy Each Day of YOUR Life...

Ever feel like everyone's else life is better than your own?  
Especially when looking at their 'online' life?  
Me too!  

Here are 10 ideas to help you enjoy each day of your life...

1.   Bring nature indoors.

Flowers are always a pick me up.  A supermarket bouquet will work just fine.
But this time of year you may be able to cut your own.  
Wildflowers or even just neat grasses will do.  
Think ferns... tree branches... pretty weeds...  pine cones... you get the idea.

2.  Change something.
 We have a very messy backyard this time of year thanks to 
several mulberry trees.  I helped My Love get rid of some 
overhanging branches... actually we're still working on it.  
Looking forward to a neater yard this June!

3.  Look for improvement.

We have a dog that has been a training challenge - to put in mildly.  
We're talking many tears have been shed over this dog's ways.  
BUT.. she is getting better.  And for all her roughness - she loves fruit!   
Today I enjoyed watching her help herself to the
 mulberries from our felled branches.

4.  Try something new or different.

A new recipe would be an obvious choice.  But for me on this day - 
I decided to do my product photo shoot right smack in the middle 
of my sunny driveway.  (Never did it there before.)  
I found I could move in any direction to avoid shadows.  Worked great!

5.  Make an easy supper.

I eat mostly gluten free and dairy free.  My schedule is full. 
 It gets old trying to keep food on hand.  Keep it simple and be OK with that!  
Vegetarian Chili is great for special diets.  It also makes a big dish 
and has no meat to thaw making it quick, easy & cheap to throw together.  
I do mine in the crockpot.  Did I mention it tastes great?

6.  Praise yourself for something you did that worked.

 I'm happy with my patio planters this year.  I didn't even always 
have patio planters - so that's a double praise to me!

7.  Enjoy it 'how it is'...

We have a postage-stamp sized vegetable garden.  
We have more shade than we should.  It doesn't do 'great' 
and is slower than others people's gardens in my area.  
But it's our little garden and I enjoy tending to what there is.  

8.  Think on a recent good happening.
I was with a group of ladies over the weekend on a thrifting trip.   
Oh my - such good times and memories made.  
And bargains too!  How fun is that?

9.  Create a new outfit.

It's fun to get something new once in a while.  
On my recent thrifting trip - my focus was shirts and tops.  
BUT - working with what you already have and
 trying it in new ways works too. 

10.  Enjoy the nature in your own back yard.

We love watching the birds at our feeders and in our birdbath.  
And whatever else happens to show up...

 And one last bonus tip... Smile through your day!  
Everything goes better when you smile.  Truly.

Now enjoy this day that God gave to you. 
And enjoy tomorrow too!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

Love, love, love this post Joyce. Thank you for the reminder to look for the blessings in our lives each and every day. I'm Traveling right now and missing my husband, but you have reminded me to be grateful that we have a daughter and son-in-law that wants us to visit and at I'm here to help out just when the little one gets sick with a cold. My life is very, very blessed.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

I love enjoying the blessings all around us... it's like a new adventure every day and I am grateful for each and every one! And you just reminded me to go out and see if how the hydrangea bushes were doing... I'm due for a bouquet in the house!


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