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Mar 20, 2014

Thrifting In America's Coolest Town & Thrifty Tip...

In our recent getaway - the return visit that is to pick up our 
broken down vehicle - we visited the 'Coolest Town in America'.  
Really!  Berlin, MD was voted just that for 2014.   
Of course - the locals are proud!

We were impressed with all the charm.  But sounds as though Berlin 
also hosts lots of fun events - including a fiddle fest. 
Source  - visit this link to see what I mean!
The downtown shops and eateries along Main Street are delightful...
Berlin is home to great thrift shops too.  
We're talking 'boutique cute' and priced right!  
Thanks to our little visit - I now own a new-to-me cute 
spring sweater, my 'gift drawer' stash gained another item, 
we have a morally clean DVD to watch for date night sometime, 
and a little stone urn awaits my ideas.

And since Berlin is also nearby to seashores and Assateague Island 
where the wild ponies roam - what's not to like?

Thursday Thrifty Tip:  Heading out on a little getaway?  Do a web search for  
'thrift shops' for the towns you'll be near.  You can check out
 www.thethriftshopper.com too - but I got more results by
 searching, in my case, 'Berlin, MD thrift shops'. 
I find the local charity shops to be more interesting and better
displayed/priced than the 'chain' Goodwill's, etc.
Have fun - Bargains await!

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