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Mar 10, 2014

Selling Tip - Combining For 'One Money'...

Antique and vintage selling via booths and online can be such fun.  
But invariably - we sellers end up with small wares that just 
aren't moving or worthy of a listing of their own.
  Grouping them together for 'one money' is a great way to move 
them out and make your booth look interesting at the same time. 

If you can fill it, put something in it or attach
 something to it - you're good to go.  
How about a flower pot with a pin cushion and old spool?  
In pastels it says 'instant spring'...
Like the primitive look?  How about some cinnamon sticks 
and a rolling pin with your antique coffee can?
Or some sweet puzzles with your clothespin bag?
(Pins too of course)...
Estate Sale Treasures on Etsy does an awesome job
 of combining goods for sale in 1 listing...

Yep - that pretty photo went with the cameo and button...

And while this jar of goodness wasn't technically 'for sale' - it's the same idea...
We doesn't enjoy getting a bargain or a little something extra?
Price accordingly.  Selling for less is better than donating it.
 What tips do you have for moving stale merchandise?

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1 comment:

Helen said...

I use old tin, galvanized metal containers, old sifters, etc for succulent plants. Not only do the plants look nice in these old containers, but they sell better.


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