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Mar 27, 2014

Healthy Thrifty Snack - Thrifty Thursday...

If you're not frequenting discount, salvage or bent and dent 
grocery stores... you are missing out!  Check out my latest find...

In my recent shopping trip to my local discount grocer - 
I picked up my usual bag of salted sunflower seeds bag in the 
bulk food section.   (Mixed with raisins they're my current snack craving.)  
They are priced at approx. $2.70/lb.  When I got to the last aisle - 
they had 16 oz. packs of unsalted sunflower seeds for 99 cents. 

Well - 99 cents was too good to pass up.  So I bought 2 bags 
and when I got home - I mixed them with my 1 bag of salted.  
Let me tell you - - my new mixture is plenty salty! 

I'm storing them in my old canning or Mason jars.
 (Actually this is a Ball jar - not sure how Mason got to be the preferred name.) 
  I feel like I struck a gold mine!  Happy snacking for me and My Love.

Now go find a discount grocery store and discover your own bargains!

1 comment:

Homestead Tessie said...

I thought the store looked so Beautiful Monday ! Great Job it is so much fun seeing how you decorate ,You have such amazing Idea's !


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