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Mar 29, 2014

Spring Vignettes and Groupings...

Enjoy a few of the thrift shop displays I created this week... 
from goods already sprinkled throughout the store...
 This yellow and lavender one is the most traditionally 
spring by far.  Our spring things have already been out 
for a number of weeks - so 'true' spring items are harder to find.
 We have a number of country looking bunnies that get donated... 
so I tried to create a little county Easter vignette.  
I would have preferred a different green - 
but these big leaves were all I could find.
For the men's rack - I included some baseballs.  
Love their red stitching!

Half the fun of shopping at thrift and antique stores for me 
is seeing how the displays are put together.  
Many times - there just aren't any....a sad day.

I'm happy to announce that 'our' thrift shop has lots of them!
This bridal display created by another gal - I just do the dress racks.
Come visit!

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