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Aug 31, 2017

When I Use Disposable Items - Thrifty Thursday...

Is there a time and place to use disposable items?  Isn't that costly?  

For me - there are times that it's just not worth the time & effort to clean 
something, etc.   Let me share a few things that I go 'disposable' on...

1.  Shower Curtain Liners.  These can get gross.. and I don't want to
 daily be bothered to wipe them down.  Did you know that Dollar Tree 
sells them for - yep $1?  And if you're opposed to Dollar Tree - 
I've seen them other places for around $2.  I replace mine every 6-8 months.
I'm very willing to toss and replace for $1 a couple of times a year.

2.  Paper Towels.  Again - some jobs are just messy.  Too messy to
 use a rag and then wash it.  So yep - I use paper towels at times.

But of course - I also keep a supply of rags on hand and 
try to be eco-friendly when possible.

3.  Disposable Gloves.  I love these for messy jobs like cleaning silver, 
some gardening, when using certain cleaning chemicals, etc. 
 They're worth it to me to have on hand.

We could also talk about plastic wrap, paper plates, etc. and
 perhaps we will in another post sometime.  But for now - know
 that being 'thrifty' isn't just about dollars and cents.  Our time is a
 precious commodity and its hard to put a price tag on it.   
Take the time to be with your family,  your friends and of course - 
daily be spending time with the Lord.

We never get back the moments we just lived - Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

I agree Joyce. I know there are some people who don't like disposable anything, but I use paper towels and even paper plates sometimes when we're camping, although I usually just wash the dishes. I have a cloth shower liner that I throw in the washer about once a month and that seems to work well. Thanks for your thoughts today. You're right about getting the moments back that we've spent. We have to choose wisely.
Blessings, Betsy


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