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Aug 30, 2017

Vignettes With a Touch of Fall...

Did my weekly trek to the thrift shop where I worked on dress rack
 displays again.   These are a few from today's styling...

This first one was by far my favorite - but looks pretty 'orange' 
in the photo.  In real life - twas looking good.  See that burlap bag?
  It is a handmade craft show item w/ the original price tag in place -
 over $18.  Thrift store price?  $2!  Was super cute and not sure why 
I didn't bring it home.  And the plaid throw was only $3 or so.  
Loved it too... but I'm on a mission to declutter...

This is the back side of above scene... just using whatever 
could find that fit the color scheme.

This one photographed the best I think... but is not selling.  
This is the dress rack display that often doesn't sell well.  
It is a tad too high to reach easily!  (At least for shorter people).
  But look at that texture - those are pillow sham covers.  Love 'em!

Just a bunch of this and that - leftovers from previous displays, etc.
  The gift wrapped package?  It's really a magazine!

I found these old aluminum pots that weren't being highlighted well.  
Now that they're in a display (1 on the back too which you can't see) - 
can't wait to see if they move right out.

I feel like I spend so much of my days 'rushing' right now.  Haven't
 figured out quite how to lessen that.  (And I need to - it's not healthy).
But I love doing these displays and try to to let them evolve at leisure.  
Toward the end I often have to rush again (due to the schedule of my day)... 
but they fill my love-tank for some reason.  And that's a good thing!

Thanks for joining me and hope you are enjoying -
 and not rushing thru - each day that God has granted!  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

Great displays again Joyce. I would not be able to do your job for fear of bring too many treasures home with me. I'm also trying to declutter in the hopes of downsizing homes within a few years, (or less if we find something we love.)
Thank your for the spots of beauty today.

Beca said...

Things always look so much better when they are displayed properly. I think the prices are wonderful too. Looks like such a quaint little shop.
xx Beca


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