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Aug 25, 2017

Old Locker Basket - Local History for Friday Finds...

I think I found some fun stuff this week.  
But my favorite by far is this old locker basket.   Turns out it is from 
our local Hersheypark pool (amusement park) from back in the day.
  I wish it was marked 'Hersheypark' - but knowing is good enough...

And this is the rest of my finds...
Those wooden child's hangers are available here.

Almost didn't get the brown transfer creamer because the bottom is rough.  
But everybody loves brown and it is unique so I picked it up anyway.  
 The purse is available here.

Some neat old boxes found their way to my basket...

 ... as did this guy.  
I thought he was a shaker at first - and missing his partner.  
But he's actually an actually an hor d'oeuvres holder.  
The holes hold toothpicks for serving.  

Cute huh?  
Stay tuned to the shop where these will appear in the coming week.


Regina said...

Oh such cute treasures! I like vintage stuff since we have a doll cabinet full of my in-laws treasures from WWII and before. Have a blessed weekend!

Betsy said...

Such fun finds you have today. That rooster is something else! I never would have guessed an hor'devoures holder.


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