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Aug 26, 2017

Lunch Special & Sign of Fall - Saturday Sightings...

I can tell Fall is in the air.  Big Bad Black Dog has begun 
to make use of her back porch sofa again.  
She hasn't been on it all summer! 

And speaking of dogs - spotted this cutey at an art show this week.
  Isn't he sumthin'?

And from that same art show in our beloved Mt. Gretna - they 
of course had emergency personnel on hand.  I liked this scene...

fire truck; Mount Gretna

But most 'fun' is this sign we pass on a regular basis at a gas station.
  Seriously - anybody heading in there for lunch?
(sorry - it's zoomed pretty hard...)

Can't believe no one has pointed out that they should rearrange it a bit.  :)  
But makes for a good chuckle.
Keep smiling today!  ~Joyce


Regina said...

That sign is hilarious! Roflol😃😄
Thanks for sharing oh and the doggies are so cute!

Betsy said...

Hmmmm. I think I'll pass on lunch. :-). Love the dogs. They both look pretty happy. Have a wonderful day.

Regina said...

Oh come on Betsy! We'll both try them and then wash them down with a cold glass of lemonade😊

Beca said...

Yeah lunch doesn't sound so appetizing. :) I'd stay clear of that place.
xx Beca


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