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Sep 1, 2017

Going Batty & Lesson Learned - Friday Finds...

It was a fun morning out at yard sales.  This guy though was half
 cute to me - and half scary!   ...picked him up anyway.  
His body is all furry and fuzzy and I'm hoping somebody 
out there will want him - as I don't plan to keep him!

Seems I've been finding dolls lately.  This Alice in Wonderland 
set is a Mattel Kibbles item - complete with story book.  
I'm thinking it was a pretty good find.

An overview of everything I picked up...  Looks like Christmas!
  Feather tree ornaments, village houses, a rubber squeak Santa
 and a few things for me.... like that $2 brand new candle...

And these blank kraft paper cards with the most awesome envelopes.  
I'll have fun including these in gift baskets and such.

But my best 'find' from today was really a lesson of sorts.  
I was struck by how friendly all the yard sale holders are to people
 when they're there to shop.  Then I encountered a lady whose yard sales 
I have been to several times.  But today she was just a shopper...
 and interestingly - not quite so friendly.    It occurred to me that 
we should treat everybody with the same courtesy and respect that
 we do when we're trying to sell them something.  And as a Christ-
follower - I am selling something (or rather someOne) - whether
I'm conscience of it or not.  Was a sobering moment for me.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. 
And give a 'seller's smile' to all you meet!  ~Joyce

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Good finds and great advice! I love the $2.00 candle.


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