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Sep 14, 2017

Budget & Quick Elegant Wedding Planning - Thrifty Thursday...

Been a whirlwind week and a half.  Our daughter just got engaged and 
wants an outdoor wedding yet by the end of October!  Alrighty then!  
Thankfully she wants very small - so we're getting on it the best we can.

Right out of the chute - we've picked a date, have been looking at venues, 
a reasonably priced & made-to-order gown has been ordered 
from Amazon (yeah - I didn't know they had them either!) 
and we have the colors she wants to work with.

My part?  Largely giving ideas, trying to keep us on track, 
paying some bills and working on decor.

As I'm out and about at yard sales - I've begun to collect pretties.
  And - I already own quite a bit that may work...

I found this sign and gave it a repaint from it's original hunter green.  
Look at it now!  Surely I can use it somewhere. 

And my favorite so far... look at these limelight hydrangeas!  
I remembered a friend telling me she has about 15 bushes.  I 'asked'... 
she said 'yes' and we hustled down there and scooped up some blooms.  
These will dry and be perfect for... can't tell!  
Translation - I really don't know yet.

So tag along for the journey.   Don't know what we're doing
but we'll see what God provides along the way.  ~Joyce


Betsy said...

Congratulations and oh how fun! I can feel your excitement in your typed words. I'm looking forward to seeing your makes and finds. That sign is fantastic.

Beca said...

The hydrangeas will be lovely for the wedding.
xx Beca


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