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Aug 8, 2017


Haven't shared my thrift shop displays with you for a while.  
So here are some from today...

First up - this would be an ice bucket turned 'planter'.. 

I only do one men's rack display...

This display has been the same for several weeks so I'll need to change it soon.  
It sits on a tall dress rack and things don't sell well off of it.
(Helps to keep me humble!)

This one is very simple and started with the book.

Pitchers - looking pretty all in a group!

And lastly... this display is in honor of a dear volunteer that died
 unexpectedly Sunday night.  She priced our hats, hankies and scarves.  

 I think she would have approved as she always encouraged me
 when I worked on displays.  I will miss you Doris!   ~Joyce


Betsy said...

The displays are all lovely Joyce. I really like that oil lamp. I have several and enjoy using them in the winter time. That bowl also calls my name! How sweet of you to honor your friend with that pretty display.
Blessings, Betsy

Beca said...

I think your friend Doris would have loved that display. I see the sign you placed there as well. A lovely tribute.
xx Beca


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