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Apr 27, 2015

Straw Purse 'Makeover'...

Recently - this straw purse sold from my Etsy shop 
to a customer on the west coast...
(After you read the rest - any guesses as to what state?)

Today I received a message from her telling me that she loves it.  
AND - that she added a little charm to it and uses it
 when she wears her tiki outfits (whatever that is). 
I'm just amazed how one little piece of 'jewelry'
 completely changes the look of this purse.  
Why have I never thought of this?
It's similar to what a scarf can do for an outfit.

Thanks for sharing with me Kailey!


Betsy said...

well, I would guess Hawaii, but I guess that's not technically the West Coast! So now I'm guessing California. :-) It is amazing the difference that little charm made but was a beautiful purse before.

D said...

Lovely purse and charm is perfect. I remember purses like that were so popular! Too bad we didn't save everything...no, good thing we didn't.....D.

Simply Shelley said...

My mom loves adding little clip ons to her purses and bags. Makes a difference alright. I'm thinking Tiki would be a Hawaiian outfit, but what do I know of such things :) Blessings

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

I have often thought that brooches or pins would look great on tote bags or purses. How nice that you sere able to see what she did with it! Sounds like a Hawaiian gal to me. ;)


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